Dotarile atelierului de optica

Aparate moderne de slefuit lentile si montaj ochelari


Atelierul de optica este dotat, de asemenea, cu aparatura de ultima generatie.


ALE 5100

The ALE-5100 is an excellent choice in cutting-edge technology for fast, high-precision accuracy and unmatched quality finished lenses. The ALE-5100 series offer all the features the most demanding eyecare professional expects to provide and the highest quality finished product with today's latest lens materials and coatings.

The ALE-5100 series implements the latest advancements in lens processing technology. Improved features such as high speed processing, Diamond-LusterTM polishing for rimless and bevelled lenses, high precision frame tracing and individual cycle and processing settings for the different lens materials.

DS-5000 blocker

The DS-5000 blocker accepts the inputted PD and height settings from the ALE-5100, or ALE-5100SG and instantly displays the correct lens blocking position.

The block is placed on the geometrical center of the lens for good position and perfect edging even with the smallest, most demanding fashion eyewear couture of today.


FR-50 frame reader

The FR-50 frame reader incorporates a precise 3D tracing system, which is a fully hands-free scanning device that reads 2,000 points of reference per eye wire, and which provides "watch-making" accuracy.

Its automatic Soft-Touch TM frame positioning mechanism prevents frame distortion and aberration of frame dimensions. The one-touch frame holding system secures the frame for perfect "on-axis" tracing.